[200q20v] fate

Brett Dikeman brett at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net
Fri Dec 22 18:56:41 EST 2000

So, this morning, I notice the next door neighbor's garage door is 
looking slightly inoperative(lower panel smashed), and said neighbor 
is walking around outside looking very grumpy.  Now, they've got one 
of those under-the-house garages with a short and down-sloping 
straight driveway into the garage, so I thought that maybe the car 
that's always parked there rolled down the driveway...but said car is 
parked as usual and looks fine.

Dropping off this month's rent check, my landlord inquires, "did you 
hear the big crash last night?"

"Uhhh...no, but I saw the door this morning."

"How could you miss it?"


The story goes that a young 16 year old driver(minus the all 
important license) lost control of his vehicle entering the street, 
bounced off the neighbor's car(parked in the street in front of the 
lawn), went -through- the lawn, -off- the rock wall, down into the 
driveway, and through the garage door(sorry, no diagram, but it is as 
impressive as it sounds)...

...where his little amusement park ride was promptly, and 
destructively, brought to an end by the posterior of one 
brand-spankin' new, pristine, babied, never-taken-out-of-the-garage, 
Mercedes E320.


Sure enough, there were a set of tire tracks right across the lawn, 
and several sets of footprints leading from my landlord's driveway to 
roughly the spot where Speedy ended up; she reported calling the 
ambulance/police, and running to check on(and possibly detain until 
constabulary presence), the young off-roading adventurer.

Fate was on my side, because had our little licence-and-brain-less 
driver retained slightly more control and ended up on a more shallow 
entry trajectory, he would have been stopped by most of the left side 
of my 200q20v, already sporting two small dents, quite enough thank 
you very much.)  While the rather inept navigator of the world's 
largest pinball would have caused less monetary damage, he would have 
undoubtedly had much more personal injury while being "prevented" 
from "leaving the scene of the accident."

"I swear, officer, he just bolted right out of the car, tripped a 
half dozen times onto this rock wall, pushed his face across the 
driveway there, and made it to the street before collapsing, he was 
quite disturbed..."

Anyway, there are far too many adjectives and truly bad English 
grammar.  Time to retire for dinner.

(about to go brave both elements and the general driving public)
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