[200q20v] fate

Nate Stuart nathan.stuart at maine.edu
Sun Dec 24 00:23:01 EST 2000

A _very_ similar thing happened to my uncle last fall. A younger driver was
tooling up the hill next to his house, then tried to turn onto the same
street as the said uncle's house. Unfortunately the street drops off a bit
from the main road, and lo and behold the laws of physics do indeed work.
The drivers front end came off the ground a bit, causing him to oversteer to
try to correct his new forest bound trajectory, only to have the front end
smack back down onto terra firma rocketing him straight into the rear
quarter of my uncles Renault Sportwagon. Pushed the wagon several feet to
the left and really squished the back in terribly. Somehow the young
superman bounced his car back again to the paved surface, and tried to
continue on. For some reason his car seemed a little suspicious after mating
with the wagon and he was picked up shortly after by local authorities. My
uncle never even heard a thing, and woke up to a squished car and a couple
of squad cars out front.

The good news was that that was the best possible part of the car to hit,
sings of cancer were starting to pop up, and now it has a 'new' rear end,
and a new lease on life. Personally I thought he'd just let it go at >350k
mi, but oh well...

Happy holidays all, and drive safe!

> "Uhhh...no, but I saw the door this morning."
> "How could you miss it?"
> "Sleeping..."
> The story goes that a young 16 year old driver(minus the all
> important license) lost control of his vehicle entering the street,
> bounced off the neighbor's car(parked in the street in front of the
> lawn), went -through- the lawn, -off- the rock wall, down into the
> driveway, and through the garage door(sorry, no diagram, but it is as
> impressive as it sounds)...

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