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Tue Dec 26 18:10:55 EST 2000


I have a new (unused) control unit in a OEM VW/AUDI box and don't know what 
it is for.  Anyone with parts microfiche could you take a moment and let me 

The Audi Part # is: 4A0 927156 B/M (there is only one letter at the end which 
is a "B" on the control unit but the part # on the box ends in an "M" hand 
written over the "B" on the tag that indicates what part is in the box).  The 
Bosch part # is 0 260 002 249 and another part # on the bar code sticker 
below the bosch part # is ZF 0501 004 348.

Any help in identifying this control units purpose and application would be 
deeply appreciated!

Thanks in advance - Frank
gstrein at aol.com

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