[200q20v] 8x17" V8 BBS wheels on the 200q20v avant (UFO brakes)?

C1J1Miller at aol.com C1J1Miller at aol.com
Wed Dec 27 15:33:09 EST 2000

I believe Peter is correct; the USA got 15" basket-weave BBS wheels stock on 
the '91 200q20v and '91 V8; there apparently was an optional 16" version of 
that wheel.

BBS sells a similar style wheel in 17", but I'm not aware of it being an audi 
part.  In the USA, Audis were not sold with 17" optional wheels from Audi 
until the last few years... certainly not in '90/91.

If I was to buy new wheels, I'd consider what my planned upgrade path is for 
brakes, and make sure the new rims cleared them.  Most "big brake" kits are 
tight on 16" wheels...

I have seen many more high performance 16" snows; but now they make them up 
to 18"... so tire choice should be fine for either size.  

I don't have a parts catalog handy; but seem to recall UFO brakes being 
offered through '93 or '94... perhaps by then a larger 17" wheel was offered 
on the V8.

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