[200q20v] spark plug gap

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Wed Dec 27 16:19:53 EST 2000

Bentley:  Electrode Gap is 0.0218-0.035 inch (0,7-0,9 mm).   Bosch W 7 DTC, 
Beru 14-7 DTU or Champion N 9 BYC.  For the Bosch F 5 DPO R, use 0.024- 
0.028 in. or 0,6-0,7 mm.

At 04:01 PM 12/27/2000 -0500, Brett Dikeman wrote:

>okay, stupid question...what is the proper gap? I left my bently set at home.
>Part of me is thinking, "ah, they can't be gapped", and the other half is 
>saying "of course they can, stupid!"
>In any case, an eyeballing of different sets of plugs reveals a 
>drastically different set of gaps...
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