[200q20v] FS 91 200q20v in SF Chronicle

steve_scalmanini at agilent.com steve_scalmanini at agilent.com
Wed Dec 27 14:48:10 EST 2000

Seen in the San Francisco Chronicle a few days before 
Christmas. I called thinking of the two of you looking in 
the last few months and maybe wanting a replacement from 
the (semi-) sun belt. I didn't tell the owner about the list. 

Charcoal grey over black leather (sport seats); phone; UFOs 
("never a problem"); one bad rear Bose (that the owner is not 
aware of the ease and inexpense of replacing); serviced by 
local ex-Audi mechanic; ~10K on Bridgestone Eager 225x15's; 
no performance changes/improvements; no collisions; few small 
"door dings" and some paint nicks in the forward edge of the 
hood (from 1st owners frequent commute from Carson City, NV 
to Sacramento, CA); current owner has had for 2 yrs; selling 
to accomodate newer Quattro (family's had ~5 over the years); 
located in Lafayette, CA (across the hill from Oakland on 
the way to Concord & Walnut Creek); nearest dealers to check 
it out for remote buyer are in Concord or Oakland; 149K miles; 
$9,500/bo; VIN: WAUGE5446MNU1986 (or maybe ... MN001986 ?) - 
(can one of you run a trace and publish to the list?) 

Seller: Hal McArthur   (925) 283-9107 
        hmcarthur at pacunion.com 

No relation, vested interest and all that jazz. 

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