[200q20v] head lite washer/wipers

Brett Dikeman brett at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net
Wed Dec 27 17:43:55 EST 2000

At 3:39 PM -0500 12/27/00, C1J1Miller at aol.com wrote:
>We'd prefer to not over stress the audifans.com web server by sending the
>attachment out over and over again... so normally, please do not include
>One upgrade planned for the list is a temporary storage area; you upload a
>file, then post the url...

I'd be happy to do this for people, it's pretty easy for me.  Just 
warn me -before- you send something.

Plus, you get your URL to have that extra-special www.200q20v.com URL ;-)

And yes, chris is right....attachments have always been strictly 
banned, for many reasons:
a)not everybody wants to look at the file
b)some people have slow connections or pay by the byte
c)it slows down mail delivery
d)sucks up bandwidth on the server end
e)some mail programs don't understand attachments all that well(or, 
you may not be capable of viewing the attachment on the system you're 
reading mail on, say, a remote telnet connection to a Unix box), 
whereas most browsers by this day and age actually do a half-decent 
job of figuring out what something is and what program should open it.

c/d aren't as much of a concern anymore...but courtesy items a/b 
still apply :-)

Don't sweat it, occasional transgressions due to not knowing is 
understandable.  I don't think I ever got around to posting "The 
Rules" way back when, anyway.

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