[200q20v] lessons in life

Brett Dikeman brett at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net
Wed Dec 27 17:55:21 EST 2000

I should make this a monthly(hell, weekly) series, given the 
frequency of these little learning sessions.

Turns out those little split-ring lockwashers on the ignition coil 
-are- important and necessary.

Seems the terminals are only threaded down to a certain point, and 
that certain point isn't enough for a nut to secure the lug by 
itself.  These little guys, bouncing around, just -barely- made 
enough contact to run the engine, and loosened up just enough to 
severely hamper driving, and arouse the attention of the local law 
enforcement(who were quite friendly and understanding, if not very 
prompt; I was stuck for 5 minutes, called a friend, who arrived 5 
minutes later; then an officer in an unmarked car stopped by about a 
minute later just to see what was up and if anyone needed help, 
probably because there were two cars, ie, someone called in a 
possible accident.)

Silly me, thinking, "eh, I'll just put them on when I get back, 
they're not important and rolled under the car anyway."

The whole thing will for sure be in the local paper's police logbook 
summary.  If I find it/remember to look, it'll get clipped and 

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