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Thu Dec 28 10:59:03 EST 2000

Sounds to me like they left the wiring disconnected in the driver's door.  
Probably just a harness to hook back up.  You can check this yourself, if you 
pull the door skin free... about a 40 minute job? following directions on and 
linked from my site.
hth, chris

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<< Fellow listers:

Happy holidays!  Just got my 200q back from the body shop (replacement of
driver's side door shell after a senior citizen in a SUV tried to take it
off one day) and the central locking function appears to be disabled from
the door.  Alarm will activate when the key is turned but only the driver's
door will open........all other door locks are unaffected.  All four locks
are activated from the passenger side as usual.  

Since I've been w/o the quattro for 3+ weeks (driving a rented chev.
cavalier......yikes!!!!) I'm willing to overlook this little flaw but gotta
take care of it at some point!

I am somewhat reluctant to take it back to the body shop that did the work
without a write-up of the proper procedure to fix.  I lack a heated work
space and its so damn cold now that working outside on the door locks with
bare hands is, well, not my first choice. 

Any advice or tips will be much appreciated.  

mtrank at albemarle.org
mtrank at exch.co.albemarle.va.us
1991 200Q20V 84k 
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