[200q20v] Re: Notes on Recent Work

George Sidman sidman at montereynet.net
Thu Dec 28 11:12:14 EST 2000

My 91' 200 TQW has 194K miles, and I recently replaced the
front suspension and steering bushings - for the first time
since new. Got the kit from Blau, which came with new tie
rod ends, and eight additional rubber bits. The rubber that
came out was in fair condition, but soft and clearly beyond
doing the whole job. Also did the outer CV boots. The
improvement in handling, road feel and noise, etc. was
remarkable; in short, the front end feels like new, and the
car is a delight to drive. Also notice much less transmitted
engine noise. The detailed instructions from Scott's site
were invaluable - again, many thanks to Chris and Scott,
without whom this car would have been sold long ago........

At the same time I replaced the alternator brush assembly.
The OE part still had about 1/8th inch of brushes to go -
not bad for 194K miles. The PITA on this job was getting the
plastic shroud off the back of the alternator. Once that is
loosened the brush assembly is easily replaced with the
alternator in place. 
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