[200q20v] an alternative H4 lamp wattage

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When I switched over to the euros, I installed the 100/80W H4's and the
100W H3's.  Impressive to say the least.  After about 4 months, I lost
one low beam and I replaced with a regular 60/55w H4. I could definitely
see a difference between the two bulbs.  A month later (last weekend), I
lost the other low beam, and also replaced it with a regular H4.

Now, I need to come to a decision:
1) Stick with what I currently have, the 60/55W H4's, which are MUCH
better than the DOT units, but do not make use of the highly over
engineered wiring harness I built, but do have the benefit of long

The wiring harness gives full system voltage to the lights, which is probably 
10-15% more "brightness" than the stock old wiring.  Either way you win, and 
don't purchase a new switch every 2 years.

2) Replace the 100/80W H4's every 4-6 months.  Have spares on hand. 
Great lighting, make use of my wiring harness, but have short life.

I've been running high wattage (think they're the same 80/100) for a couple 
years now without losing a bulb.
Burned out one cheapo stock wattage Indian bulb... that doesn't count.
3) Get some 100/55W H4's, get the long life on the low beams, but still
get the 400W high beams.

FWIW, good source for bulbs:

I've found that Autozone stocks higher wattage H4 bulbs for "motorcycles" for 
around $4 each or less; also have H3's for "fog lights" pretty cheap.  Name 
brand, probably Osram.

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