[200q20v] Leak

Mpl20020vtq at aol.com Mpl20020vtq at aol.com
Thu Dec 28 15:41:35 EST 2000

  I seem to have developed a leak on the passenger side of my engine on my 
200q20v.  I noticed a slight smell of burning oil.  I haven't had a chance to 
crawl under and find its exact location but it is getting on the passenger 
side cat.  I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar leak.  The 
transmission and area around the cv joint are damp on the passenger side.  I 
can't see anywhere on the engine where the oil is coming from.  Is it 
transmission oil?  The bottom of the transmission is damp.  There hasn't been 
a puddle anywhere that I've parked.  No noticable drop in oil level.  Any 
help or suggestions would be appriciated.  Thanks.

Michael Lynch
91 200q20v
86 4kq

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