[200q20v] Leak

Mpl20020vtq at aol.com Mpl20020vtq at aol.com
Thu Dec 28 20:32:39 EST 2000

  Chris, Phil, thanks!  I think you guys are right on the tranny seal.  Its 
not the valve cover or breather.  Its not coming from the steering rack or 
hoses.  It's definitely lower on the engine.  I thought it might be seeping 
from the back of the oil pan, but it is wetter around the output shaft of the 
transmission.  It's tough to determine if it's really transmission oil with 
all the dirt and road grime.  I'll take another look tomorrow.  I wish I had 
a garage.  No fun lying on snow crawling under the car.  Thanks again for the 

Jackson, WY
91 200q20v
86 4kq

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