[200q20v] Climate Control problem

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Fri Dec 29 06:54:56 EST 2000

Are you calling the blower motor the A/C motor?  You can hear/see the fan 
spinning at full speed ?   Then the HVAC control box (a bunch of 
electrical/vacuum valves in a box in the passenger footwell) isn't opening 
the flaps to let air into the cabin vents. There's a cable that operates a 
main flap in the heater/blower box that may not be opening.  The cable goes 
to an arm on the pasenger side of the heater box, so you can watch to see 
if it moves the arm or you can disconnect the cable from the arm and 
manipulate the arm yourself to see if it alters air supply.

At 09:33 AM 12/29/2000 +0000, Sami wrote:

>Hi guys,
>after 2 years of driving a japanese car I finally bought me an Audi...It's 
>a 200t 1988 so it's not 20V but since the A/C is the same and since I know 
>a few of you guys from past I decided to put my question here...
>My problem is that though the A/C motor is running at high speed the 
>amount of air that comes out of ventilation holes is rather poor. I've run 
>the diagnostics and everything seems to be OK. Only error that I get is 
>the coolant temperature sensor G62 being open. I removed the  accordion 
>hose between A/C evaporator box and heater box to determine if the A/C 
>evaporator was "dirty" but it didn't help. I quess the heater radiator 
>cannot be dirty because the temperature regulator flap should bypass it 
>when setting temperature to "LOW" and still the amount of air coming out 
>of ventilator holes is poor. The fresh air flap opens normally.
>I's really stuck with this problem and my windows are misty...Please help 
>me if anyone has a clue..
>Sami Räsänen from Finland
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