[200q20v] an alternative H4 lamp wattage

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Fri Dec 29 11:01:09 EST 2000

At 2:43 PM -0500 12/28/00, Paul R Luevano wrote:


>2) Replace the 100/80W H4's every 4-6 months.  Have spares on hand.
>Great lighting, make use of my wiring harness, but have short life.
>3) Get some 100/55W H4's, get the long life on the low beams, but still
>get the 400W high beams.
>FWIW, good source for bulbs:

Seems like a good resource.

As to your quandry: you know I've been satisfied with my 55/100W setup, but
that based on the basic improvement from the  ol' DOTs. Since I've never
run the 80/100 lamps in my Euros, I couldn't say how much I'd miss the 80W
low-beam wattage. What about oncoming traffic--did you frequently get
flashed by oncoming cars when using your 80W low beams?

A replacement every 4 to 6 months seems similar to what I've heard
previously about the 80/100 lamp lifetimes.  That aspect alone would make
me hesitant to go there. I can't say how much longer I'll get from the
55/100W set, but it's been well over a year at this point.


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