[200q20v] heater blower replacement HELP!!!!!

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> So, what trick(s) am I missing (never mind steak knives)?  What's the best
>  tool/way to pry up on the blower box. Using a Wonder Bar was suggested by a
>  friend, (but mine's gone missing). Is my problem the fact that the interior
>  duct connections must be pulled free _before_ the blower box is able to
>  loosen at all?
>  Phil

"Blower Motor Replacement: Quick and Dirty method
     One quick method used to replace the blower motor involves cutting out 
the short piece of duct work between the A/C evaporator housing and the 
     housing. There are three screws that hold the blower inlet cover on, one 
is underneath below and out of sight. Then the strap holding the 
heater/blower housing is
     loosened, the E clip on the end of the blower motor housing is removed 
as well as the blower electrical connector. A large pry bar is used 
(carefully) to raise up
     the heater/blower housing enough to allow the blower motor/fan to be 
pulled (yanked?) out and replaced. This is kind of a brute force method but 
it does work.
     Conventional replacement method
     I replaced the blower motor on my 9/85 (86) 5000CS Turbo recently. I 
removed the lower dash panels on both the driver and passenger side as well 
as the glove
     box and was able to remove the required duct work and vacuum lines. 
After removing the heater core coolant hoses and the heater/blower housing 
strap, the
     large white blower/heater core housing can be pulled out. There is a 
large gasket that seals the housing between the firewall and this gasket can 
stick to the
     firewall and make getting the housing loose a little tough. As this 
housing is being removed you can get to the vacuum hoses and remove the 
phillips screw that
     holds the 3 or 4 hoses onto the vacuum servo motors.
     If you are only replacing the blower motor you do NOT need to dissect or 
take apart the white blower/heater core housing. Once the entire housing is 
out of the
     car the blower motor can be removed by taking out 3 or 4 screws that 
hold the collar that directs air into the A/C evaporator. Then the C clip 
that retains the
     blower motor can be removed and the blower motor can be withdrawn out of 
the housing. The heater core should be checked for leakage. IF the heater 
core is
     being replaced then the heater/blower housing WILL have to be taken 
apart. "

I didn't pull the housing out of the car; think I just used blocks of wood, 
etc. and a big prybar to get the housing high enough to pull the fan.  Put in 
the new one, pushed it all back into place, done.  Took some brute force, and 
I did bend the firewall lip a little, but it bent back again.

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