[200q20v] heater blower replacement HELP!!!!!

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Sat Dec 30 19:48:13 EST 2000

When I did my 5Ktq, I used a couple pieces of 1 X 2 Oak a couple feet long 
prying on the lip where the rain diverter anchors down.  I was concerned 
about sticking a long screwdriver through the plastic or breaking the 
plastic with just one pry point.   You have to be careful of the A/C  lines 
and wiring in that neighborhood.  I'd bet that the cold makes the adhesive 
gasket a bunch more difficult to unstick.  I think I used a stiff putty 
knife slid under the gasket where I could get at it, but I' m not 
certain.  I may have just contemplated it.  The prying required a 
significant amount of force (and I weigh over 200 lbs, mostly above the hips).

At 02:46 PM 12/30/2000 -0500, Phil & Judy Rose wrote:

>Anybody out there _not_ watching football today???
>I'm not. :-(
>I'm partway through the agony of trying to replace the heater blower in my
>'91 200q. I've gotten to the point of trying to  separate the blower box
>from the firewall, but it seems to be held firmly in place with a pretty
>damn strong gasket/adhesive. And exactly _where_ can I apply leverage?
>People talk about using screwdrivers? Huh?
>Here's the background:
>The strap around the blower box has been removed.
>The round duct from the A/C has been pushed into the blower box.
>I've left the heat-exchanger hoses in place since no heat-exchanger work is
>I've removed the driver's and passenger interior side panels, but don't see
>where I'm supposed to do anything useful (supposedly involving some
>ductwork?) from within the car.
>The driver's kick panel hasn't yet been removed, but I wonder if I'll need
>to do that-- do I? I remember what a chore that panel was to get free.
>Anyway, several write-ups (including ones from Al Powell and associates and
>Steve Buchholz) lead me to expect that I should be able, with effort,  to
>loosen the gasketing between the blower box and the firewall, and then by
>just applying steady  force I'll manage to lever/pull the box completely
>free. (HOW?) Trouble is I don't see a way to get at the base of the blower
>with any tool that could apply leverage (and not damage the aluminum A/C
>tubing in the process. The only part of the blower-box gasket that seems to
>be accessible is along the very top edge. That gasket and its adhesive
>doesn't seem eager to let go.
>So, what trick(s) am I missing (never mind steak knives)?  What's the best
>tool/way to pry up on the blower box. Using a Wonder Bar was suggested by a
>friend, (but mine's gone missing). Is my problem the fact that the interior
>duct connections must be pulled free _before_ the blower box is able to
>loosen at all?
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