[200q20v] heater blower replacement HELP!!!!!

Rob Winchell rbwinchell at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 30 17:56:49 EST 2000


I did this a couple months ago. I recall having to lay
on the floor in the driver's side foot well and
pushing up and out on the heater box to finally get it
to come free. I remember it being a huge PITA.

Rob Winchell

> I'm partway through the agony of trying to replace
> the heater blower in my
> '91 200q. I've gotten to the point of trying to 
> separate the blower box
> from the firewall, but it seems to be held firmly in
> place with a pretty
> damn strong gasket/adhesive. And exactly _where_ can
> I apply leverage?
> People talk about using screwdrivers? Huh?

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