[200q20v] Insurance and My Totaled "91 200tq

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Sat Dec 30 23:18:28 EST 2000

For everyone's reference before a collision event.
       Insure.com @  http://www.insure.com/auto/
Check the "The Basics" section, and go to the "Total car: Payments" and other 
"Totaled car:..." topics.
There are some interesting information, such as an Allstate training manual 
with scripts for their claims representatives, and a State Farm internal memo 
connected with ongoing litigation.

Why I am forwarding this information is:
After spending some months with #$&**@## Allstate Insurance , this Insure.com 
website could have helped me through my protracted negotiations regarding my 
totaled '91 200tq.  The basic problems were the mileage, and after-market 
modifications, and the low-ball offer I would not accept, until an 
independent appraiser increased their valuation by 50%.  So I figure the 
aggravation was worth it after all, (I bought the salvage, so now I have to 
do something with the wreck in my driveway!).

BTW, I have a couple of spreadsheets for my accessories, and a market survey 
of comparable cars (stock and modified) if anyone wants copies for your use 
disputing an insurance valuation for your '91 200, or use as a template for 
your other S-car.
Contact me directly if you want.

Hope this will help (if needed).
Gary Anderson in Seattle.

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