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I've also learned the hard way about replacement parts. I've done the timing
belt twice on my 200q, and both times I bought the parts at the dealer. With
a 15% discount, it really doesn't cost much more. I wouldn't feel good about
your timing belt, but I bet it will work.

I did the same thing with Imparts on my 5KQ years back, found that the belts
were the wrong size (including the timing belt) and the water pump was
terrible quality. I went to the dealer and got the right timing belt and
alternator belt, then finished the job. I doubt this is an easy option for
you right now....

Good luck.

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> Happy holidays all, and while everybody else is probably relaxing on their
holiday, I've decided to tackle the timing belt. Putting everything back
together, I noticed that the timing belt blauf. sent was not an exact fit on
the cam gear; that there is some slop between the belt and gear allowing
some rotation, albeit minimal, of the crank pulley that doesn't exactly
correspond to rotation on the cam gear (1/4-1/2 degree maybe).  So, checked
the part numbers of my old verse new belt, and did the same at tpc.  Looks
like they sent me a belt for one of the later 10v engines.  Have a feeling
I'll be contacting them first thing tuesday morning.  Don't feel comfortable
at all with that belt on there.  Do I hear an amen from the choir?
> Derek P.
> 200less in Seattle
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