[200q20v] 200q20v list status and the multiple lists

Brett Dikeman quattro at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net
Thu Jul 20 23:15:56 EDT 2000

The official list, until I get my box stable and working(along with 
archives and searching) is on audifans; those who can't wait until 
the original box is restored can join up.

Some misinterpreted my message as apathetic and that the list was 
"dead."  The list was/is not going away permanently, nor am I 
resigning as listmaster.  It is simply down for the moment, and that 
moment is going to have to be for a few days since I have my hands 
full with work and personal things; yes, I was very frustrated at the 
problems I was having with the box, and that's probably what showed 
in the email.

   I didn't want to create a temporary list in the meantime because I 
didn't want to confuse people with having to sub/unsub from things, 
etc...but it seems the demand is there.

John will dismantle the rennlist group; Paul, please take down the 
egroups list at your convenience.  We don't want to confuse people 
with multiple lists.

Thanks to those who offered to host the list, offered equipment, 
etc...these offers were greatly appreciated;  thanks to Chris who is 
for the moment handling administration on the temp list; thanks to 
Dan for hosting the list until things get patched up and working 
again; it gives me the luxury to work not-under-the-gun as has always 
been the case before :-)

I still have the intact membership list and it'll be used when the 
list comes up again; no need to re-subscribe, you'll just get a few 
test messages from me and then a go-ahead.

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