[200q20v] brake bleeding

hah at srv.net hah at srv.net
Fri Jul 21 11:30:00 EDT 2000

>Anyone ever done the clutch?  I looked at it, but thought it is best saved 
for an "on the lift" day.

James Marriott says it's a 3-minute job... When your engine(s) is/are 
strewn all over the garage like his is/are at the moment, you can walk up 
through the front of the car and address the tranny up close and personal.
If, on the the other hand, your car is fully assembled, the way most of us 
prefer to keep them, it involves things like assembling 36" of extensions 
to drive out the retaining pin via the wheelwell. And a bit more time.

To change the subject again: his "short block" MC-1 came with everything 
but the distributor and he thinks it would be fun to slap that K26 onto my 
chipped 3B. Does this sound like an incredibly ingenious or incredibly 
stupid idea? Yes, slower spoolup but more cfm up top...how much different 
from an actual RS2 is a plain old MC-1 K26? (I have the most-secret turbo 
maps, and they look about the same...) Fun weekend project, hmmm...

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 110k, rain Tuesday night washed some of the dust off
1988 GTI 16v, 210k, gave it a good thrashing last night and then James 
pressure-washed some paint off one of my wheels - thanks James!
2000 Eddy Merckx Majestic 62cm, 9-spd Dura Ace - thanks for the warranty 
replacement Eddy!

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