[200q20v] IA Stage III+ F/TCU review

Glen Dustin Powell gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com
Fri Jul 21 14:34:23 EDT 2000

I recently had my F/TCU upgraded by IA to their Stage III+ mod and am VERY
happy with the mod.

It is sweet!

It runs 21.5 PSI and under heavy engine loading like hill-climbing or
trailer-pulling can hit 24 PSI.
A 250 kPa transducer is employed.  Claimed HP ~277, could go >280 with
fuel of sufficient quality.
Very drivable, throttle-response is superb and power delivery is very
smooth. Stage III+ is $695.00US.

24 PSI is not efficient with the small K24 turbo turbo.  Prolly results in
excessive heating of the inlet
charge and a bigger IC might be a good idea if pulling trailers/big
mountains under continuous max
boost and slow speeds with low airflow rate through the IC.

I have observed better fuel economy with the III+ mod Vs stock when driving
sanely (hard to do now!),
like 1-3 MsPG increase, due to additional timing advance at vacuum/low boost

No problems observed with audible detonation running 93 and also no audible
detonation running
gut-rot 87 for economical long commuting purposes what with 93 approaching
I am VERY careful to keep out of high-boost situations running the 87.....
Datapoint: this engine
has >165,000 miles on it and is otherwise 100% stock as delivered and burns
no oil.

I expect to publish accurate before and after 1/4 mile times from New
England Dragway, just as soon
as I get a chance to get up there again for the 'after' data.

Anyone interested in a Wed night trip to Epping NH sometime in the next few



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