[200q20v] license plate lights

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Sun Jul 23 19:23:09 EDT 2000

Here's a good question:  Both of my license plate lights are out, and
looking on the Family Album I see that the same Audi license plate lights
are used on 81 5Ks to 94 1Cs and even the 4K/80/90 (443 943 021A).  Well my
clearance is a little tight back there (I want to install a license plate
cover but it interferes with these style lights) so I was wondering if the
A4 license plate lights (8D0 943 021E) would fit in place of these old ones?
Can someone on the list who haa an A4 and a Type 44/Coupe/4000/80/90 check
for me?


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