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I seem to remember an article in the latest Audi Driver
magazine about replacing corroded headlight reflectors
and they listed the UK prices of all the pieces-parts
and the complete assemblies. If I recall correctly they
mentioned that Audi had dropped the prices on this stuff
and the prices appeared to be pretty good, but in
British Pounds and not $$$. One would have to be sure to
get units with correct photometrics however, as they
drive on the 'wrong side' of the road ovah they-ah. So
looking for lower prices in Urrup might be a real option

On the issue of lic plate lights, I like to insert a piece
of white paper inside the lenses to reduce the intensity
of illumination for stealth purposes. Have to replace them
every year or so as they slowly discolor due to the heat.



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		Hey all,
	I am having a friend who lives in europe check up on the cost of euro
lights new/used/ off wrecked cars in europe (he lives in denmark but goes to
germany fairly often). Wha are the names of the cars w/ 200 style headlights
in europe (all 200's, right? no 5000s?) and, more importantly what years
have the correct headlights. I am just making sure, since i would feel
fairly silly buying headlights that didn't work right.

				John Gronberg Jr.
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