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Mon Jul 24 10:55:25 EDT 2000

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I seem to remember an article in the latest Audi Driver
magazine about replacing corroded headlight reflectors
and they listed the UK prices of all the pieces-parts
and the complete assemblies. If I recall correctly they
mentioned that Audi had dropped the prices on this stuff
and the prices appeared to be pretty good, but in
British Pounds and not $$$. One would have to be sure to
get units with correct photometrics however, as they
drive on the 'wrong side' of the road ovah they-ah. So
looking for lower prices in Urrup might be a real option

As I recall, the lights are identical in all european markets, with two exceptions:
Lenses (replaceable) in England are reversed versus USA;
some lights are set up for the electric motor adjusters versus the manual adjusters (for dipping them when fully loaded; works well as I showed last week).

So, make sure you specify which lens pattern you need (left-hand driver), and get the manual adjust lights, unless you want to wire in the adjusters (not needed IMO).  Then, factor in shipping, etc.  Note that when ordering pallets of lights straight from Bosch or whoever, our group purchase ended up with many broken lights... returns overseas may not be worth the hassle.

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