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Has anyone installed an after market boost controller?  I'm thinking my
surging at high boost is due too the WGFV.  Any BTDT.

Brian Link
Boulder, CO. >>

There's been a bunch of discussion on them at the s-cars list; you might want to read some of the threads (I think it is at http://www.egroups.com/s-car-list/)

If there is surging, due to the wgfv, it is probably due to the ecu trying to dial back the boost, and being unable.  Did you install a stiffer wastegate spring?
What altitude are you driving at?  Any error codes?

The aftermarket boost controlers disable several ecu safety features, such as the ability to control and limit boost at higher rpm.  I'm not sure they really add much to the factory system, myself.  If you install one, consider adding an exhaust gas temp, and an O2 sensor monitoring circuit.
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