[200q20v] Spastic oil pressure gauge

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Mon Jul 24 23:46:50 EDT 2000

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> Anybody seen this before?  The oil pressure gauge starts flicking back and 
>  forth between high and low.  I know the pressure isn't actually moving 
>  around that fast but where does the problem lie?  The gauge, the sender or 
>  the instrument cluster?  The instrument cluster circuit board needs 
>  attention because the speedo does its own little dance but the two are not 
>  necessarily concurrent.  The oil pressure sender which controls the 
>  on the autocheck display has been replaced in the last year.  The 
>  display does not give the low oil pressure warning when the gauge goes 
> spastic.
>  Suggestions?
>  Frank Stadmeyer
>  Frank

Had something similar happen to me in my v8q -the gauge  was going spastic  
and then reading lower and lower.  Thought for sure it was the sender, but 
had the car flatbeded home free (thank you AAA Gold Plus).  My suspicions 
were right on --sender was going south.  Incidentally, The warning light is 
triggered by a pressure switch, rather than variable sending unit for the 
gauge.  You might want to check the connection to the sending unit first.  I 
believe it's at the front of the motor in front of the oil filter (how 

'91 200 with a few mods...

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