[200q20v] Re: Help! 200 20V No start!

Paul R Luevano prl at ptc.com
Tue Jul 25 14:31:09 EDT 2000

Rob Winchell wrote:
> Hall sender is in the distributor, right? Perhaps the dist. is leaking oil
> into the cap and messing things up? My dist. was doing this and I was warned
> that might happen. Try pulling the cap and seeing if there is anything in
> there.

Hmmm. Interesting.  When I parked the car after mt trip to Philly, I
noticed a small pool of oil under the car.  Worried me a bit.  I looked
around to see where it was coming from, but could not locate it, somewhere
from the back of the engine.  

I checked again this morning, but no further leaking, so I thought nothing
of it. I wonder if it is related?

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