[200q20v] Help! 200 20V No start!

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<< I just went out again to poke around.  I'm not sure I hear the fuel pump
going (as suggested by a few folks).  I should hear a hum from the tank,
correct.  Should run for a few seconds before it shuts off? In the tank
like other type 44's, correct?
My understanding is that the ECU won't run the pump until it sees a certain RPM (low, like 50 or so).  So, while the engine is spinning on the starter, it should activate the pump.  Just turning the key to "run" and not "start" probably won't affect the pump at all.

Fuel pump relay is #10, correct?  The one with the fuse holder in the top.
Easy way to test? 
Scott Mockry's site lists the following for the 10vt (should be identical):
The fuel pump should be running when you crank over the engine, usually you can hear the pump run for a moment after
     releasing the key from the start position. The fuel pump fuse #13 in the main fuse box should be checked if the fuel pump is
     not running. 

     The fuel pump socket terminals can be tested for the correct voltages after removing the fuel pump relay. The socket
     terminals are numbered on the fuse box area. With the ignition on, connect a Multimeter across terminals 46 and 50, and
     then across terminals 48 and 50, approximately +12V should be measured. Connect Multimeter across terminals 46 and 47,
     then crank over the engine using the starter, you should read at least 9.5 volts. Terminal 47 gets a ground from the ECU pin
     21 to allow the fuel pump relay to turn on during cranking and running.

     The fuel pump relay can be removed from the fuse box and a jumper connected across the two large fuse box connectors to
     bypass the relay operation and turn on the fuel pump for testing the fuel pressure. The fuel pump delivery rate (liters/min)
     should be checked as well, don't overlook a possible clogged fuel filter as the cause of low flow. 

Just trying to narrow down the culprit.  I'd rather not
pull the distributor/cap unless it really is the problem. Timing belt is
fine (phew).

Thanks again!

Paul Luevano >>

Let us know when you figure it out!  

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