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> All this talk of Hall Sensors makes me want to confirm I need to replace my 
> distributor.  It's my understanding that they are a relatively disposable 
> item on the 3B engine.  The current distributor has 80K on it and I'm 
> a lot of engine chatter when I start the beast up in the morning which I 
> think is attributed to wear on the plastic gear mechanism.  If one of the 
> gears breaks, will any damage occur to the engine?  Does BOSCH make one 
> a metal gear or the part designed to wear out for a reason?  Many thanks!
>  Mike O.

Yes, actually the plastic gear distributor has been superseded with an 
updated metal gear one, because of this problem.  Manufacturers have always 
made mistakes.  I remember when I rebuilt my first small block chevy and 
found that the cam gear had nylon sprockets (quieter) at the expense of 
longevity.  There were only about five of the 20-30 that were supposed to be 
there!  Needless to say, I replaced that with an all metal one.  I have heard 
of some instances where the 3B motors have -double-sparked, destroying the 
motor (hence the updated piece).  Not sure about the P/N, as it was already 
replaced when I bought my car.

'91 200 with a few mods...

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