[200q20v] test 1 and water leak solution

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Fri Jul 28 19:40:19 EDT 2000

Where did you order the diverter, Ingo, and what did it cost you?  Do you 
know if they also have a newer, improved version for 4K cars?  My 4K, 5K 
and 2C all have compromised diverters.

At 02:19 PM 07/28/2000 -0400, WARATAP at aol.com wrote:

>I guess this just means we're (for the most part) problem free for the
>moment....oops, I see the Audi gods from a distance ;-).
>Seriously, I ordered a replacement water diverter (that black plastic cover
>spanning the windshield to the firewall).
>It's been updated from the cheap/easy-to-crack piece to what appears to be a
>much better made part.  Anyhow,
>I had it on order and then found I still had some dampness by the pass
>footwell, despite me not going to the car
>wash and no rain in the past week.  In addition, I heard what sounded like
>fan blades coming into contact with water
>whenever I made sharp right turns with the a/c on spirited braking.  Checked
>underneath the car and found the
>condensor drain hose blocked with some crud.  Whoah!  There's the problem.  I
>suggest checking this as a
>maintenance item.  PS. - Don't cut the hose where it's pinched together.
>Just squeeze it (I also went to it with a coat hanger).
>It's pinched for a reason (low pressure area).  If you cut it, it would be
>possible for air to come in through the tube and possibly
>prevent the water/condensation from adequately draining.  Al side benefit--
>A/C works MUCH better now.
>'91 200q20v with a few mods...
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