[200q20v] test 1 and water leak solution

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Fri Jul 28 21:13:58 EDT 2000

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> Where did you order the diverter, Ingo, and what did it cost you?  Do you 
>  know if they also have a newer, improved version for 4K cars?  My 4K, 5K 
>  and 2C all have compromised diverters.
I ended up buying mine from the local dealer (Bill Cook in Farmington Hills, 
P/N 443-819-403-D list $74.95 (ouch!)  bonus was i didn't have to pay extra 
for shipping.  You'll also need 2 round covers that unscrew  (located over 
the Condensor unit) P/N 443-819-423-C ($6.40 ea.) + some clamps (may be able 
to reuse old ones, but beware, this is considerably thicker in all respects 
to the original piece.  Not sure if they updated this for the 4k.


'91 200 with a few mods...

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