[200q20v] Help! 200 20V No start!

Tom and Carlyn Jervis jervidae at cybermesa.com
Mon Jul 31 17:38:56 EDT 2000

If it coughs once but then does not start, it may be the dist, but 
with no such symptom, I would suspect the coil first, or your broken 
wire hypothesis.  When my Distributor went south last winter, it was 
sporadic.  When it did not start, codes 2113 (hall sender) and 2121 
(idle switch) show.  When it starts happily, erasing the codes and 
driving, restarting, etc. gives no error codes (4444).  The Motronic 
will do fine (using the TDC sensors) once the car starts even without 
the Hall sender, but the Hall sender is needed to start.  There were 
no problems with the fiber gear, it looked good as new.

Always check the codes before leaping to conclusions.

Tom Jervis
Los Alamos, NM

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