[200q20v] Audi 20V Turbo Crankcase Breather System Tunin g

tommy.arnberg at nokia.com tommy.arnberg at nokia.com
Thu Nov 2 15:06:18 EST 2000

Hello !

I guess the system is same in Europe and US.

then imagine if there were exhaust gas recirculation also.
Then it would be total flip-flop...
In CA models there probably is.

If you have not noticed:
Audi 200 20V 3B does not have breather connection 
from valve cover !!!
- my car does not have it
- it should be located at the left end of valve cover
  (3B S2 and ABY S2 have it !)

S2 model have it for some reason. 
This can be seen from the ETKA spare parts listing  !
(see my picture link 
  http://www.egroups.com/files/Audi20V_Kruemmer/Crank_bre_3B.ppt    )


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> Aren't most of our (US) boost enhancements more or less 
> efforts to make the 
> engines perform the way they were designed for other markets? 
>  Did Audi 
> include in its US designs a different crankcase pressure 
> regulator than in 
> the engines we've tried to emulate?  Do those "other" engines 
> use the same 
> air filtration as "ours"?
> At 12:08 AM 11/02/2000 -0500, Phil Rose wrote:
> >My own naive view is that you need to maintain a closed loop 
> and just take
> >out as much oil as possible from the crankcase air flow 
> before it reaches
> >the MAF, turbo, IC, MM-hose or IM. Seems to me that the 
> "vented" approach
> >will have inherent problems (unmetered air, carbon canister 
> fumes, etc.)
> >
> >An important preliminary step was indicated by Chris, which 
> is to establish
> >whether or not the oem crankcase pressure regulator is at fault if
> >excessive quantities of oil are observed to coat 
> (contaminate) the intake
> >tract. Possibilities are (1) that the crankcase pressure regulator is
> >simply defective, or (2) that if not defective it is 
> inadequate; that is,
> >that minimum breather pathway (0.180" dia aperture) through the
> >regulator--when seeing turbo-intake vacuum--is simply too 
> large for boost
> >levels that exceed the stock 1.8 bar design.
> >
> >One further question that comes to mind is: to what extent is a
> >crankcase-breather problem caused by an air filter that's 
> too restrictive
> >(e.g., too dirty)? I raise this point since the turbo 
> intake-tract vacuum
> >(which is what pulls in the crankcase gases) ought to be be 
> significantly
> >impacted by the airbox/cleaner restriction, right? Hence, I 
> wonder if the
> >people who use K&N air filters (and have boost mods) 
> experience less severe
> >"contamination" from the crankcase breather, since wouldn't they be
> >operating with a lower vacuum at the turbo intake?
> >
> >Phil

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