[200q20v] Need a wheel

-J J- fussball_3 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 2 20:09:57 EST 2000

Alright guys,
  I almost got in an accident, and it was not my fault. It scared the crap 
out of me though. I was turning left onto a busy street (there was a trafic 
light at the intersection and it was green for me) and it had just rained 
briefly, and there were a ton of leaves on the ground, so it was very 
slippery. The person closest to me going the other way (it was a two lane 
road, they were on that busy road in the inside lane) started pulling 
forward, even though their light was still red. They were within about one 
foot of my car, and it startled me, i pushed down the acclerator, and broke 
traction, my car swung, and i straightened it, but it kept going, and i hit 
the curb with a lot of force, and bent my wheel. Luckily, that was all that 
happened, as far as i can tell. But this means that i need a new wheel, or i 
need to straighten my current one. Anyy suggestions, any one with an extra 
wheel they are willing to sell? I live in Michigan, so is there anyone 

   Happy I have an undented 200, but really shaken up,
                          John Gronberg Jr.

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