[200q20v] Fun with Audi problems

Sylvester, Mike Mike.Sylvester at sycamorenet.com
Thu Nov 2 18:44:44 EST 2000

This stuff will probably clog our inboxes, but what the hell...

This year on the 200q20vt avant
I had to replace the following due to the previous owner's accident: 
   r/l fenders 
   bumper cover and reinforcement 
   l frame section 
   l headlight 
   grill and chrome trim 
   core support 
   aux radiator 
Someone else did the painting, I did everything else.

   1/22/00 222,510 
   idler pulley 
   Fresh phosphate phree coolant 
   I would have replaced the timing belt, but it was done at 218,000 
   and I didn't have what it takes to remove the crank pulley. 
   Oil and filter  
   Air Filter 
   rear hatch shocks 

   3/12/00 223,000 
   Spark plugs 
   Dist Cap 
   Ign Rotor (correct Euro rotor) 
   Front struts (boge turbo gas) 

   3/19/00 233,333 
   Rear shocks (boge gas) 
   rear springs (O.E.) 
   leather shift knob 

   3/25/00 233,500 
   subframe bushings 
   rt trans mount 
   swaybar bushings
   right and left front tierod ends 

   Replaced radiator 

   5/13/00 226,666 
   Replaced Trans fluid 
   Replaced Rear Diff fluid 
   Replaced vacuum hose from the intake to the turbo bypass valve. 
   Replaced the short crankcase breather hose at the back of the intake to
the pipe
   under the intake pipe. 
   Changed engine oil and filter  
   Replaced rt front spring and strut bearing. (not enought time to do the
   side)Springs are used from Jeff Donnely. 

   6/4/00 227,255 
   Replaced all 4 brake hoses with s/s braided lines 
   Flushed brake fluid and replaced with ATE super blue 
   Replaced OXS 
   Replaced fuel filter 
   Installed OEM CD changer. Not yet operational. 

   7/1/00 228,400 
   Installed Relayed Euro healights. 
   Installed upgraded ECU from Anderson Motorsport. 

   Replaced the multi-function temp sensor
   Finished installing the CD changer
   Replaced the strut tower bushings
   Replaced TBV with 993 part
   Replaced rear defogger switch
   Replaced Lf front spring and shock boot
   Replaced front seats with sport seats
   Replaced the vacuum hose to TBV with copper tubing
I'm sure there is stuff I forgot here.

Last year on my 86 5kcstq

   187,157 miles 
   I bought this car as a project. 
   I have only driven it ~20 miles, but have done the following: 

   water pump 
   timing belt 
   timing belt tensioner 
   welded ehxaust front pipe 
   welded exhaust manifold 
   exhaust manifold studs (5 were broken) 
   head gasket (took off head to replace studs) 
   exhaust gaskets 
   valve cover gasket 
   intake gasket 
   front crank seal 
   spark plugs 
   spark plug wires 
   dist. cap and rotor 
   upper radatior hose 
   turbo oil hose gaskets and studs 
   fuel injector o-rings, seats, seals 
   repaired stitching on drivers leather seat 
   right and left hand brake cables 
   intake boot 
   crankcase breather hoses 
   fuel filter 
   upgraded rear brakes to vented rotors calipers from wagon (used) 
   repaired broken wires from body to drivers door 
   removed A/C compressor and condensor 
   altenator belt 
   p/s belt 
   removed cruise control 

   repair wires in right door jam 
   change fluid in transmission 
   change fluid in rear diff. 

   Replace WOT switch 
   upgrade front brakes to G60 dual piston calipers 
   replace all brake hoses with braided stainless steel (DOT) 
   purged entire brake system and replaced fluid 
   with ATE super blue 

   Ignition dist. was making a squeeling noise, so I replaced it with a used
   Unclogged the Windshield washer system 

   Re-wired the secondary light in the headlight to a dual filiment 
   bulb and moved the directionals into that location. This will 
   free up the location in the bumper for driving lights. 

   Power window relay was flaky. Would make clicking noise and 
   the windows would sometimes not work. I opened the relay and 
   touched up some of the solder joints. Now works OK. 

   189,000 miles 
   Repaired broken knock sensor wire. (was reporting fault 2142) 
   replaced wastegate frequency valve (with used one)due to low boost
   repaired (again) front exhaust flange. Used a 3 piece GM flange. Had to
   a sleeve to go around the pipe, since the flange was for a 2.5" pipe. 

   Replaced front struts Boge turbo gas 
   Replaced front springs (stock) 
   Replaced front strut tower bushings 
   Replaced front strut tower bearings 
   Replaced all 4 sub-frame bushings 
   Replaced sway bar bushings 
   Replaced Rt. front lower control arm inner bushing 
   Replaced all 4 front lower control arm outer bushings 
   Replaced both front tierod ends 
   Installed piece of rubber tube over tierod adjustments and tiewrapped 
   Broke the connector on the back of the ign dist 

   4/3/99 189,500 miles 
   Replaced rear struts with Sach super gas 
   Replaced rear springs (stock) 
   Replaced left transmission mount 
   Replaced left lower control arm 

   4/10/99 189,500 
   Installed steering dampener 
   "Upgraded" trunk lid to 89 200 style 

   4/24/99 190,500 
   replaced O2 Sensor 

   5/15/99 191,000 
   Started headlight relay upgrade 

   6/12/99 191,500 
   Finished headlight relay upgrade 
   Oil change 
   I noticed that the thermostat is leaking. 

   Replaced the thermostat o-ring. 

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Hey, Maybe we could have a contest to see who has fixed the most things in
the past year...

For me...
Hose from radiator to block (3 weeks later)
Top intercooloer hose
High pressure steering hose
2 window switches 
3 interior bulbs
Oil cap
Driverside doorlock assemble
Front shocks (Also just got H&R springs)
1 Turbo (From lower hose popping off - check it say once a month)
Rear Crank case ventilation hose
new windshield (from a rock - don't really count)
And still need a steering rack..YUK! 


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Well after owning my 91 200 for 7 months,  I wanted to report to the list
the things I have fixed:

replaced all suspension rubber
Replaced passenger side e-brake cable
Fixed sticky passenger side rear brake caliper
Multi function temp sender
digital warning display
Steering wheel center section

And last weekend I repaired the multiple broken wires in the passenger door
hinge.  I'm afraid to take a look in the drivers door.  
On the good note no more crackling noises when someone opens the door, and
blowing 15a fuses.

What is next?

Oh yea my blower motor started to squeak.

Brian Link
Boulder, CO
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