[200q20v] Fun with Audi problems

Steve Hackett sbhack at attglobal.net
Thu Nov 2 21:21:56 EST 2000

Excellent ....  I have three Audi's, had 4 for a short time, I think they 
are an excellent value even if our '91 20v is approaching 10 years old.  I 
enjoy working on them and expect things to wear out and/or go bad after 10 
years and 100k+ miles (even though my 20v just turned 84k), it is a fact of 
life - they are only just machines.  Certainly there are some quirks and 
common failures but again, they are only just machines, the art is in 
managing what to replace and when.  The '91 200 20v is merely a dot in the 
long Audi time line (one of the peaks I think) - for costing $44k when new 
I gladly keep mine and budget an easy $300 a month (averaged of course) for 
maintenance(excluding upgrades/mods).  I've come to the conclusion that 
either way - you pay, for a new car you don't have maintenance costs but 
there are taxes and/or finance charges to pay.
Clearly, this email list is a great resource and there's much more out 
there.  I love running around in a car that is a blast to drive and I know 
all it's in and outs as well as inner workings.  I continue to see many '86 
and up Audi's for sale and I think it's because they are one of a very few 
cars that are viable approaching 15 years old!  The bottom-line dilemma is 
the book value with regards to insurance.  I'm talking to a few companies 
about an enhanced value coverage - much like specifying a replacement cost 
for a home.

keep the faith.

At 04:01 PM 11/2/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Well after owning my 91 200 for 7 months,  I wanted to report to the list
>the things I have fixed:
>replaced all suspension rubber
>Replaced passenger side e-brake cable
>Fixed sticky passenger side rear brake caliper
>Multi function temp sender
>digital warning display
>Steering wheel center section
>And last weekend I repaired the multiple broken wires in the passenger door
>hinge.  I'm afraid to take a look in the drivers door.
>On the good note no more crackling noises when someone opens the door, and
>blowing 15a fuses.
>What is next?
>Oh yea my blower motor started to squeak.
>Brian Link
>Boulder, CO
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