[200q20v] 20v Avant FS

Steve Hackett sbhack at attglobal.net
Thu Nov 2 21:28:46 EST 2000

'91 200 20v Avant turbo/quattro. Early '91 production w/logo, 145k miles,
	2nd owner - previously older couple.  Clean in and out, Teal w/Tan interior,
	no modifications.  Asking $12,500,  Middletown, RI  (401) ........

This is a friend of mine, I've seen the car and it's clean.  In addition to 
being previously owned by an older lady, the car has been without boost for 
the past 2 years!,  it's probably just a valve or hose.  The colors are 
great.  Anyone interested, I will put in touch. I'd snatch it up but my 
garage is full now (damn!). 

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