[200q20v] Fun with Audi problems

Brian.Link at Level3.com Brian.Link at Level3.com
Fri Nov 3 08:07:46 EST 2000

Shoot I forgot to add  Drivers side window regulator and radiator.

Don't get me wrong I love Driving My Audi's  86 Coupe GT and  91 200 tq.

I just find it interesting that The same things break on the same cars at
about the same time.


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Hey, Maybe we could have a contest to see who has fixed the most things in
the past year...

For me...
Hose from radiator to block (3 weeks later)
Top intercooloer hose
High pressure steering hose
2 window switches 
3 interior bulbs
Oil cap
Driverside doorlock assemble
Front shocks (Also just got H&R springs)
1 Turbo (From lower hose popping off - check it say once a month)
Rear Crank case ventilation hose
new windshield (from a rock - don't really count)
And still need a steering rack..YUK! 


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Well after owning my 91 200 for 7 months,  I wanted to report to the list
the things I have fixed:

replaced all suspension rubber
Replaced passenger side e-brake cable
Fixed sticky passenger side rear brake caliper
Multi function temp sender
digital warning display
Steering wheel center section

And last weekend I repaired the multiple broken wires in the passenger door
hinge.  I'm afraid to take a look in the drivers door.  
On the good note no more crackling noises when someone opens the door, and
blowing 15a fuses.

What is next?

Oh yea my blower motor started to squeak.

Brian Link
Boulder, CO
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