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Max Conover maxesales at home.com
Fri Nov 3 10:33:19 EST 2000

BMW makes an engine cleaner that is great !!!! It will not attack the
electrical and rubber parts. And they also have an engine clear coat to
protect and shine after the cleaning. BUT it requires several steps. First
the engine has to be dead cold, so partk your car overnight near a car wash
with a scrubber system for the water (protect the bay and streams), spray
on the cleaner and wait 5 minutes and wash, now pull the car out again and
let it air dry for the day. When dry, apply the lack. I know it is a pain
but it really is worth the effort. BMW part nunbers:
83 12 9 407 873 engine cleaner
83 12 9 407 877 engine lack

Paul R Luevano wrote:

> OK, I know I have a Pentosin leak, some other oil type leak, and now it
> looks like I have a coolant leak.
> What is the best way to clean the engine and engine bay in the 200's?  I
> want to clean the engine really, really well, and then hopefully locate
> where I'm loosing all the fluids from so I can fix. I just know that our
> engines can be really, really finicky about washing, I don't want to
> make things worse by waching!
> TIA!
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