[200q20v] Fw: only getting 1.7 bar of boost

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Hi all,
I'm in the process of working out all of the little gremlins of my new(to me) 91 200 20v. I'm attacking the boost situation first. I went to Scott Mockry's site and have done the ABC's, I found that my WG frequency valve was bad... I've replaced all vacuum hoses and before installing the WG frequency valve I was only getting 1.4 bar in 3rd gear WOT. I now am getting 1.6-1.7 regularly I will occasionally get 1.8 in 5th gear at WOT. Is this normal???? Or should I still be looking for something else. I know that altitude and fuel quality have some say so in how much boost is created. I live in Milwaukee, Wi and ONLY run 93 octane in the car. 
    I almost forgot...I installed a manual boost gauge and when the digital gauge reads 1.7 the manual gauge only reads 12psi. I haven't done the conversion, but does that sound right as well???  I want to get all the bugs worked out before I send my ECU in to get modified. Thanks for any help !!!!!!


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