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Sun Nov 5 18:14:43 EST 2000


It is impossible from here to tell if the TAP bpv was the actual culprit of
your original failure, but it is as good a suspect as any.  I found your
earlier post asking for recommended settings on the valve.  Did anyone reply
to you?  What did you finally decide?  This could be important, because one
train of thought is that in a bypass valve configuration (rather than a
blow-off valve config), the TAP valve should remain at its lowest setting
(12 psi).  It is hypothesized by me and others (see attached post by Robert
Pastore) that any additional setting returns nothing except the possible
damage to your turbo.  TAP warns as much, though without explaining how or
why one should adjust their valve.

Anyway, it is conceivable that you set the spring preload too high.

Here is my original review of the TAP bypass valve:
http://www.urs4.com/TAP%20bypass%20valve.html, which is scheduled for a
re-write because it is a little confusing in some areas.  Unfortunately, I'm
not a technical writer.  Pastore would say, I'm not a writer at all.  ;-)

As for your current problems, what fault codes are you getting?

Smoking motors are...well, not good.


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> I purchased my RS2 turbo and manifold about a year ago for my '91
> 200, and
> every thing was great until I installed a TAP bypass valve. The day after
> installation, I bent some vanes on the intake side, noticed this by
> "whining" sound. I assume that this happened due to a pressure
> spike on the
> intake side. Turbo was rebuilt(impeller repaired and balanced not
> replaced)
> by TEC in Golden CO, and about three months later, I am hearing the same
> "whining" sound, just not as pronounced. Inspection of Intake
> side impeller
> shows no visible damage or bending. There is minimal play on
> shaft, but no
> signs of impeller rubbing on housing. The car smokes on startup and on
> throttle. I am replacing crankcase breather hose which is torn,
> may be cause
> of smoking. Plugs show signs that car is running rich, which are being
> repaced as well. FYI, car has TAP chips, wastegate spring, stock bypass
> valve. Mobil 1 changed every 2,500 miles. Any help would be much
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Paul Friedenberg
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