[200q20v] Re: Part Numbers

Paul R Luevano prl at ptc.com
Tue Nov 7 10:32:15 EST 2000

(Sorry if a dupe)

Hi all-

Getting ready to order some parts for the 200 before winter sets in for
real up here in the NE.

The 200 has developed a pretty significant coolant leak over the last
week or so.  After digging around a bit, it looks like the coolant hose
that runs from the block on the drivers side, just behind the
multifunction sensor, around the back of the block and up to a black
valve on the top of the engine on the passangers side is the culprit. 
The hose is colapsed, very soft, and looks like it is on it's last
legs.  Anyone know what the part numer for this guy?  Mac at Clair best

Since I need to order some parts, I figured I would replace the turbo
bypass valve at the same time,  to see if I can get rid of my occational
stalling.  Did we ever reach a verdict on OEM vs. the Prorche one?  The
car is chipped, if that makes a difference.

Thanks all!
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