[200q20v] Re: Part Numbers

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Tue Nov 7 15:15:05 EST 2000

At 12:54 PM -0500 11/7/00, Paul R Luevano wrote:
>OK, I'm an idiot, the hose I was refering to is the crankcase breather
>hose which is toast, so i need to replace it.  I located the leak at
>lunch (got a chance to look at it in daylight for the first time) and
>the leak is coming from the coolant afterrun pump. So, it looks like I
>ned to replace it.  It is not leakin from any of the hose connections
>that I can see, it seems like the fluid is coming directly from the pump
>itself.  Not sure about typical failure modes for this pump, but does
>that sould right?  Only option is to buy a new one?

AFAIK, yes. That's the typical afterrun pump failure mode and you might
consider one of the "improved"  (non-OEM) pumps that Avi Meron has
recommended. Check qlist archives for details.

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