[200q20v] winter oil and nasty comments

Mark Trank MTrank at exch.co.albemarle.va.us
Wed Nov 8 11:12:32 EST 2000

Fellow listers:

I've monitored various posts since joining the list concerning the correct
oil weight(s) for winter driving.  I use Mobil 1 15w-50 in my 200q and
recall that some owners prefer 15w-40 or 15w-30 during the coldest months,
while others stay with the heavier oil throughout.  FYI, I'm in Central
Virginia and winters here are mostly moderate (40's), with occasional cold
snaps in the 20's and 30's, with snow, ice etc.  My view at this point is to
stay with 15w-50 but make sure I leave adequate warming time for the engine
on the coldest days, which I would do regardless of which oil I use (though
school drop-off times for the kids sometimes forces an earlier than optimal
departure time!)

Any advice, BTDT etc. is most appreciated.  

On a separate note, I read with interest the recent posts concerning alleged
disparagement of someone's product.  As an attorney, I regularly counsel
clients with access to e-mail to avoid saying anything in e-mail that you
wouldn't mind reading in the newspaper.  I also apply that rule to my own
personal communications as well.  As far as defamation law is concerned,
while state laws vary, generally you're OK as long as you clearly state that
you are offering opinion, not fact.  Phil Payne (a most knowledgeable fellow
on every topic I've read on this list!) is correct that it is typically more
difficult to prove trade/product disparagement than defamation of a private
person (as compared to libeling a public official in the States where you've
got to prove "actual malice" in order to be in a position to establish
liability in a libel/slander suit).

Sorry for the legalese.  Just my opinion!  Thanks for the advice as always.
Mark A. Trank
mtrank at albemarle.org
91 200q20v 83k miles

Gone but not forgotten:
91 100q
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