[200q20v] winter oil and nasty comments

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Wed Nov 8 09:23:13 EST 2000

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From: "Mark Trank" <MTrank at exch.co.albemarle.va.us>

: Fellow listers:
: I've monitored various posts since joining the list concerning the correct
: oil weight(s) for winter driving.  I use Mobil 1 15w-50 in my 200q and
: recall that some owners prefer 15w-40 or 15w-30 during the coldest months,
: while others stay with the heavier oil throughout.  FYI, I'm in Central
: Virginia and winters here are mostly moderate (40's), with occasional cold
: snaps in the 20's and 30's, with snow, ice etc.  My view at this point is
: stay with 15w-50 but make sure I leave adequate warming time for the
: on the coldest days, which I would do regardless of which oil I use
: school drop-off times for the kids sometimes forces an earlier than
: departure time!)

I use Mobil 1 15w50 year round in Montana. As I recall, Mobil 1 flows  down
to about -50 or so and I see no reason to change in the winter.

mike miller

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