[200q20v] My first quattro test!

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<< Greetings all,

I purchased my 1991 200 quattro in July of this year.  Of course, it doesn't
snow in July, so I had no way to test my quattro system.  The only previous
car I owned was a 1985 5000s, front wheel drive (hey, I'm only 18, so lay

I wake up this morning and it snowed.  I was excited, so the first thing I
do is put on some clothes and start up my car.  A few minutes later I pull
out of the driveway and into the street.  Next thing I do is accelerate, and
boy what a feeling!  It snowed a good 3 inches and I still had my summer
tires on, but I got traction!  I asked myself: "hmm, maybe it's just a warm
part of the road?"  So I next brake a little and start sliding like I'm used
to (with the 5ks).  It's an awesome feeling to not loose traction when I

Just thought I'd share a milestone in my Audi career.

91 200 quattro (105k)


Glad you like the car, it really does do well in the snow.

Why do you never see a quattro in the snowbank at the side of the highway?  
'Cause they're going so freakin' fast when they lose it, they're way back in 
the woods.

Remember, 4x0=2x0
If you're in snow country, get snow tires for better braking and cornering.  
Only my opinion...
Try and attend one of the winter driving schools; in a quattro, it's a great 
time, and very good training for avoiding the winter idiots.

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