[200q20v] Help-What am I looking at?

C1J1Miller at aol.com C1J1Miller at aol.com
Wed Nov 8 15:39:23 EST 2000

In a message dated Wed, 8 Nov 2000  3:26:44 PM Eastern Standard Time, Kneale 
Brownson <knotnook at traverse.com> writes:

<< What needs to be removed/displaced to see the heater valve and its vacuum 
connector?  In my 5K cars, the valve is easy to see at the rear of the 
engine near the firewall.  In the 200q20v, there's so much plumbing at the 
back of the engine that I've been unable to see the valve.

Nothing much.  Throw a blanket over the top of the engine, and lie across it. 
 I'd recommend people consider replacing this valve, as the earlier cars had 
some failures (leading to losing all the coolant very quickly).

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