[200q20v] Help-What am I looking at?

hah at srv.net hah at srv.net
Wed Nov 8 13:46:00 EST 2000

>What needs to be removed/displaced to see the heater valve and its vacuum 
>connector?  In my 5K cars, the valve is easy to see at the rear of the 
>engine near the firewall.  In the 200q20v, there's so much plumbing at the 
>back of the engine that I've been unable to see the valve.

You can *see* it from the passenger side (LHD) - follow the white (right?) 
vacuum line coming out of the HVAC plenum area. If you actually want to 
remove the heater control valve, you might need to lay on top of the head 
unless you have really long arms.


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